God our Help (June, July, August)

We have a theme for SoHOP taking us through to the end of August:

When we were praying about this theme, one of the team had a picture of someone reaching up and God’s hand reaching down to help them up and out of trouble.

This is God’s heart for Southampton, particularly at this time. He WANTS to help.

Over the last month more people have been sensing God’s loving presence in the prayer room. We believe that this will continue, especially where we feel we need God’s particular help in some way.

We also believe our prayers for the city will be energised by the revelation that God is our ever-present help.

Finally, we believe this is a time for responding, as God uses us to be His help to those around us.

Prayerful momentum is building

Like us, you are probably going to start seeing this four letter word everywhere in your bible!

Let’s take God up on this in our prayers, seeking His help. We invite you to join us, to spread the invitation, and to share this news with your church family. It’s time to pray for God’s help to come to us in Southampton.

  • make time regularly for your 1 to 1 with God and get His help
  • let faith rise up as you pray for His help in Southampton
  • be attentive for how he wants to use you as His help to those around

In case you didn’t notice on the graphic above, the verse of the month is Psalm 46:1. 

And does this put you in mind of the Isaac Watts hymn, ringing out from the Civic Centre every 4 hours?

May you find God to be your refuge and strength this month!