How to pray

Prayer is simple. God created you, loves you, and is waiting for you to talk to him.

Find a place that you can be quiet and talk to God. Talk to him about what is most on your heart and listen to him.

This is the simple heart of prayer and all prayers begin here.

What is a good place? Somewhere that is free of distractions for you. Some people like to be in a quiet place indoors. Others like to go for a walk or sit somewhere outdoors. Find out what ways work best for you.


We have links on this page to more resources to help you go further, but never forget that it all begins with the simplicity of making a space to talk and listen to God.


Be Still: a new book and video series. 

We are really excited about the potential of this new book and video/study series to help people pray. The heart is to explore the simple, transformative practice of a daily quiet time with God.

There is more on the 24-7 website: click here

Lectio 365 is an app inspired by Lectio Divina, an ancient way of meditating on scripture, and helps you to P.R.A.Y. the Bible every day.  

Pause to be still; Rejoice with a Psalm and Reflect on Scripture; Ask for God’s help; Yield to His will in your life.

Listen or read it each day and be inspired and equipped to seek God in your every day, learning new rhythms of stillness.

The Prayer Course is a wonderfully helpful video course, that goes through the prayer Jesus taught us.

Follow it on your own or in a group.

How to Pray by Pete Greig is a book which follows the Prayer Course framework. We think everyone should read this book and pass it on. The one “how to” book that we all need!
(please consider buying from a local book shop, such as October Books in Portswood)

The Toolshed is an index of 30 prayer tools that will help you deepen your prayer life.

Want some advice on how to fast?

What is speaking in tongues? All this and more…

Inner Room is an app that helps you learn to pray.

Jesus said “When you pray, go into your inner room… and pray to your Father” (Matthew 6:6).

This app helps you turn your phone into an Inner Room. Learn to pray by praying.