Pray 168 Themes


An hour-by-hour continuous wave of prayer and worship

We have developed themes for our praying.

This page links to the original themes underlying our prayers, and also to updates published from time to time.

We invite you to make full use of what follows as we come together before the Lord for our city of Southampton.

If, as you pray, you have ideas of themes of your own, we would love to hear from you.


The overall goal of our prayers is that:


  1. Each of us who prays will draw nearer to God.
  2. The church in Southampton will become more full of Christ.
  3. The whole city will be blessed and re-awakened to God.


Our hope is that the themes will keep our united prayers consistent (we stay focussed on the same things) and comprehensive (we cover a range of important topics).


Finally, within that comprehensive range, we encourage all of us to be specific (so we pray for real people and real situations we know about).

As a starting point, each theme has an outline, a prayer and a bible passage.


Beyond this we will each pray according to the leading of the Holy Spirit.


The idea is that you cycle through the themes at your own pace, though it is almost certainly worth thinking seriously about using the first four each week because their focus is on the biggest matters of faith.


After that, you might take the others at the rate of one each week or you might do them all each week or somewhere in the middle of those options.


Just please be faithful in lifting these themes to the Lord.

So now it’s time to make our commitment real - let’s jump into prayer and explore the feast that God is preparing for us all and let’s reveal his purposes for our city!

These are the updates we have made from time to time - click to go to the details.