9.45pm Prayer

Southampton House of Prayer hosts a prayer call on Zoom at 9.45pm each day.

We use the theme of the day from the prayer line. The prayer line is a text number that anyone can use to send in prayer requests. The contact number is 07960 430 674. Text us your prayer request, or if you are wanting to join the prayer group and pray for what is requested each day, text “Join”. It is all explained fully on our page Southampton Prayer Line

On the 9.45pm prayer call, we use the format of P R A Y as follows:

We begin with a PAUSE:
    As I enter prayer now
    I pause to be still,
    To breathe slowly,
    To re-centre my scattered senses upon the presence of God

Then we REJOICE by giving thanks, usually connected in some way with the topic of the day from the prayer line.

Then we ASK. Focussing on the topic of the day from the prayer line.

Then we YIELD, using these words:

    Father help me to live this day to the full
    Being true to you in every way

    Jesus help me to give myself away to others
    Being kind to everyone I meet

    Spirit help me to love the lost
    Proclaiming Christ in all I do or say
If you want to join in the Zoom details are:
Direct link: SoHOP Evening Prayer.
Meeting ID: 754 7154 9855
Passcode: 1961