Coronavirus Prayers

Download: Coronavirus Prayers (Southampton).

Download: An Hour of Prayer for the Coronavirus Pandemic (24-7 Prayer)

March 2020: Our normal lives are being considerably interrupted by the spread of a flu virus that is now being described as pandemic in Europe. 

We have now been advised to wash our hands more often, particularly when we arrive at work or get home again. We are to refrain from handshaking and hugging. This is stirring up different reactions. We have seen panic buying of toilet roll and pasta in supermarkets. Some people are wondering about keeping their children home from school to protect them. And now we have been told it is the time for everyone to stop all non-essential contact with others. This is going to hurt.

Into this atmosphere we pray! 

You may wish to sign up and pray for an hour in our virtual prayer room. We are providing this as one way to know to keep watch for our city as the Body of Christ together and maintain a sense of being connected together.

24-7 have set up global virtual prayer room for coronavirus. You can book in to pray for an hour and download prayer resources.

Ideas for praying

  • Love God – worship, pray, read your bible
  • Love neighbours – send a note, buy groceries etc.
  • We are supposed to take longer washing our hands – say the Lord’s prayer as you wash your hands.
  • Read Psalm 91 each day and let it shape your prayers.
  • Use these prayers as a starting point and pray specific prayers for the people and organisations (e.g. doctors) in your neighbourhood.

We begin with our foundation of trust in God, using the words of Southampton hymn writer Isaac Watts. (For the rest of Isaac Watts’ hymn see

Pause and and trust our Father

Our God, our help in ages past,
our hope for years to come,
our shelter from the stormy blast,
and our eternal home.

Under the shadow of thy throne,
still may we dwell secure;
sufficient is thine arm alone,
and our defence is sure.

We believe…

  • God is good. He loves us.
  • He is the same God today, as he was before this virus broke out.
  • He is able and mighty to save.
  • He promises to heal our land when we humble ourselves and pray.
  • He is a shelter for all who are afraid and He comforts all who mourn.

And so we pray…

Dear Father, give us faith to trust you in this time. Our normal routines are being disturbed. In this time, meet us in new ways.

You are our redeemer and we look to you to redeem this situation and bring about a new awareness of your love and sovereignty.

Save us from this virus, may it decline in a miraculous way.

In the meantime, we especially pray for everyone in healthcare services in Southampton. Be their strength and wisdom to cope with unprecedented pressure on their services. Be their peace and security.

We ask you for a spirit of generosity over us all, instead of fear and selfish hoarding. Help us to reach out to neighbours and care for those who are vulnerable at this time.

We put all our trust and hope in You.


You can download these Coronavirus Prayers (Southampton) here.

24-7 Prayer have also written prayers for deliverance from the coronavirus.

God our Help (June, July, August)

We have a theme for SoHOP taking us through to the end of August:

When we were praying about this theme, one of the team had a picture of someone reaching up and God’s hand reaching down to help them up and out of trouble.

This is God’s heart for Southampton, particularly at this time. He WANTS to help.

Over the last month more people have been sensing God’s loving presence in the prayer room. We believe that this will continue, especially where we feel we need God’s particular help in some way.

We also believe our prayers for the city will be energised by the revelation that God is our ever-present help.

Finally, we believe this is a time for responding, as God uses us to be His help to those around us.

Prayerful momentum is building

Like us, you are probably going to start seeing this four letter word everywhere in your bible!

Let’s take God up on this in our prayers, seeking His help. We invite you to join us, to spread the invitation, and to share this news with your church family. It’s time to pray for God’s help to come to us in Southampton.

  • make time regularly for your 1 to 1 with God and get His help
  • let faith rise up as you pray for His help in Southampton
  • be attentive for how he wants to use you as His help to those around

In case you didn’t notice on the graphic above, the verse of the month is Psalm 46:1. 

And does this put you in mind of the Isaac Watts hymn, ringing out from the Civic Centre every 4 hours?

May you find God to be your refuge and strength this month!

Five Months – 26 churches represented

Greetings from Southampton House of Prayer.

In the last 5 months 136 people from 26 congregations within Southampton have been to pray at least once. Many come back often.

We are thanking God for five months of praying every Friday/Saturday for 24 hours. The unsupervised slots in the evenings and night times have not always been filled, but our hosting team have been open for drop in prayers from 9am to 6pm every Saturday. We are grateful to our hosting team for their commitment.

We are regularly hearing stories of how people are experiencing God’s presence. It seems to be more so as the weeks go by.

We have hosted times of worship led by various members of our community and our friends. We had a special time of reflection on Good Friday.

In May we were joined by the Christian Union from Southampton University who did a block booking for the 24 hours. Our regular prayers were greatly encouraged by this hunger for God. Over that 24 hours there were 15 churches represented. We believe this unified prayer for the city is having an effect.

So please remember, we are here for the whole church in Southampton and we continue to invite all churches, all ages to come and meet with our Heavenly Father, to come and hang out with Jesus, to come and be empowered by the Holy Spirit, to come and speak out your prayers for family, friends, our city and our nation.

We have one important announcement to leave you with – we are supporting Church in the Park next weekend, so there is no drop in prayer at SoHOP on Saturday 1st June. Please join the activities down in Houndwell Park and bring your friends.

Worship time – 24/25 May 2019

We began our weekly 24/1 on the 24th May with a time of worship led by friends from Kings Community Church.

At this worship time someone had a picture of a banqueting table and felt that on there was everything needed for people coming into the prayer room over the next 24 hours, including Jesus’ healing and rest, as well as different things for people that they’d not had before.

On Saturday our hosting team had the opportunity to pray for people for healing, particularly for someone with limited hearing, which they found to be a great encouragement. Someone else had been to the prayer room in the morning but felt compelled to come back in the afternoon because of the rest and presence of God there.

There was another opportunity to pray for healing later.

Haven of peace – one of the people prayed for felt that the prayer room was a haven of peace.

Burn 24/7 – March 30th

On Saturday March 30th 2019 we are closing SoHOP at 6pm so we can support the team at Burn 24/7. 

Burn 24/7 is led by Michael and Alun, who led some worship at our New Year’s Eve launch at the start of this year.

Each month they gather people from across Southampton for an evening of non-stop worship and intercession.

Click for more details on Facebook

We invite you to come and join in from 6pm to 10pm in the Coffee Hub at Victory Gospel Church.

You can stay for the whole thing or feel free to come and go throughout the evening. When you arrive, if you can’t see someone in the foyer,  look for the Burn 24-7 sign and ring the bell.

March 2019 – Pray for the nation

Praying for the church

Over the four weekends of February we had a wonderful time praying for all the churches in Southampton and ended up with a long list of churches, and many prayers prayed.

Some specific prayers were written down as believers from across the churches met together in joyful unity. We will be passing these prayers on to the churches concerned.

Praying for the nation

During March we are praying for the nation. There is a national day of prayer called for 29th March.

We believe we are at a crucial moment in history where the destiny of our nation can be affected. We are not praying politically but praying for God’s will to be done and the destiny that He has for us to be released into the conjecture and uncertainty.

We are also particularly praying for the people and government of Southampton at this time.

You are welcome to drop in and join us during the day on Saturdays, or sign up to join an evening, night time or early morning session

How to pray for the nation?

Here are some resources to download from 24-7 Prayer to help if you want to pray with others for the nation at this time: