Exploring Ancient Paths

What can we learn from the monastic traditions that will help us live lifestyles of prayer, mission and justice?

What rhythms and practices help lay solid foundations within us?

Exploring the Ancient Paths is an 8-month learning community designed to equip disciples of Jesus to love God and love their neighbours by drawing from the riches of historic monastic prayer communities and contemporary Houses of Prayer in the 24-7 Prayer movement. It is run by the Seed Community at Waverley Abbey House, with locally gathered groups learning together.

We are hosted a learning community last year and are very excited to be doing so again here in Southampton in the Autumn.

The community runs fortnightly on Tuesday evenings from October 2022 to May 2023. The first Tuesday each month is an online ‘master class’ for all cohorts (7.30pm – 9.00pm) featuring a guest speaker. The second Tuesday each month is a shared meal with the Southampton cohort (7:00pm – 9:00pm), where we reflect and learn together. 

In addition to the Tuesdays, there is a book to read each monthpractical exercises and a commitment to at least 2 hours extra in prayer each week, beyond your normal personal prayers. There will be a one-day spiritual formation retreat in the spring. You are also expected to be receiving spiritual direction each month whilst part of the learning community.

We hosted a learning community last year (2021-2022) and all the participants found they grew in their relationship with God in profound ways. This year we have 6 spaces available for people to sign up. Being part of this learning community may well be a life-changing chapter of your life!

You may want to read the experiences of Astrid Vaswani who was in last year’s group.

Topics Include: 

  • Introduction to New Monasticism 
  • Introduction to Spiritual Formation
  • Discerning where God is at Work in Your Life
  • Appreciating the Whole Body of Christ
  • Prayer
  • Hospitality
  • Gospel, Mission & Justice
  • Crafting a Rule of Life

There is a suggested fee of £250. There is limited funding available to support those who cannot afford the full fee, but we expect everyone to make some contribution, as we invest in the Seed Community together.

To register, use the signup form.

If you have any questions, please get in touch

Dates: (all on Tuesdays)

  • Sept 20 orientation (online)
  • October 4 (online)
  • October 18 (shared meal)
  • November 1 (online)
  • November 15 (shared meal)
  • November 29 (online)
  • December 13 (shared meal)
  • January 3 (online)
  • January 17 (shared meal)
  • February 7 (online)
  • February 21 (shared meal)
  • March 7 (online)
  • March 21 (shared meal)
  • April 4 (online)
  • April 18 (shared meal)
  • May 2 (online)
  • May 16 (shared meal)
  • Day Retreat – date to be confirmed.