Five Months – 26 churches represented

Greetings from Southampton House of Prayer.

In the last 5 months 136 people from 26 congregations within Southampton have been to pray at least once. Many come back often.

We are thanking God for five months of praying every Friday/Saturday for 24 hours. The unsupervised slots in the evenings and night times have not always been filled, but our hosting team have been open for drop in prayers from 9am to 6pm every Saturday. We are grateful to our hosting team for their commitment.

We are regularly hearing stories of how people are experiencing God’s presence. It seems to be more so as the weeks go by.

We have hosted times of worship led by various members of our community and our friends. We had a special time of reflection on Good Friday.

In May we were joined by the Christian Union from Southampton University who did a block booking for the 24 hours. Our regular prayers were greatly encouraged by this hunger for God. Over that 24 hours there were 15 churches represented. We believe this unified prayer for the city is having an effect.

So please remember, we are here for the whole church in Southampton and we continue to invite all churches, all ages to come and meet with our Heavenly Father, to come and hang out with Jesus, to come and be empowered by the Holy Spirit, to come and speak out your prayers for family, friends, our city and our nation.

We have one important announcement to leave you with – we are supporting Church in the Park next weekend, so there is no drop in prayer at SoHOP on Saturday 1st June. Please join the activities down in Houndwell Park and bring your friends.