Pray 168 2021 #2 Nov/Dec

In addition to our existing themes, here are some specific prayer requests for November and December 2021.

What is the prayer that leads to revival?

The Holy Spirit has given us a question to draw us into His purposes. “What is the prayer that leads to revival?” As we pray this month, sit with this question, ask the Lord about it. See how it speaks into your personal life, and into your church and into the whole body of Christ in Southampton.

In particular, we would like to highlight the importance of our daily times of prayer, encountering God in our quiet time. 24-7 have just published a new book and video series called Be Still which is a very helpful resource. Let us recommit to a daily time and place of prayer, and to regular reading of the Bible as a foundation to our praying and living. (click here for more about Be Still)

Pray for the welfare of the city

We are aware of many situations where there are gaps in the workforce due to illness. These include lorry drivers, teachers, nurses, office staff. In many cases it ends up that 6 people are doing the work of 10. People are already tired from lockdown pressures and stress is increasing. Let us lift up our faith and think about God as our provider, our shelter, our strength, praying for those who don’t know Him, and asking for sustenance and refreshment for tired minds and bodies. 

Isaiah 40:29 says “He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless”. Pray this promise over those who don’t know it for themselves.

Pray for cultural change – media

When we pray “Thy Kingdom come”, as Jesus taught us, we are praying for a change in our culture. A re-alignment with God’s rule, God’s ways, His justice. 

Let’s focus on the media this month. Praying for light and truth in the messages that come through news outlets. Praying for 

Pray for the activists

The Holy Spirit has been leading us to “pray for the activists“. This is those who are called into some kind of activity to bless the people of the city.  The Holy Spirit has stirred up some new initiatives over the last year or so, but there are also people serving faithfully in initiatives that are 10, 20 and 30 years old. We are to hold them up as they actively serve.

We specifically ask for prayers for:

  • Caraway Chaplains supporting the community at Potters Court, a new development in Maybush. A resident fell from the 4th floor and died earlier in November and the chaplains have been comforted and supporting the bereaved. Please pray continue to pray for residents and staff in this new building as there are also some problems with it, such as lifts breaking down.
  • Southampton Churches Winter Beds: this scheme over the last two years has provided rough sleepers in Southampton with a warm welcome and hospitality overnight in the coldest part of the winter. With covid restrictions last year it was still possible by kitting out a church hall with individual pods. This year it is looking very challenging. The planning team is all ready to make preparations but last years venue is no longer available. At present they can’t do anything but wait and pray. Let’s join them and pray for God to provide a creative solution to this impasse.
  • Southampton City Mission (SCM) Schools Work: the staff and volunteers with SCM Schools are busy in the run up to Christmas doing a wide range of assemblies and lessons to support schools. Please pray for energy and endurance, health and inspiration for each member. It would be good at this point to also bless your local school.

Citywide Prayer – give thanks!

We thank God for the momentum building in the citywide prayer vision, which we mentioned last month. We are beginning to meet at a different church each month and have had an encouraging time preparing for December 5th when we will be at Above Bar Church at 6pm. Please pray for us as we reach out to a diverse range of churches to host citywide prayer over 2022. More details here.

And finally

Please pray for Chris and Catherine Knights who are moving away from Southampton. Pray 168 is here because they responded to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and joined with us in setting it up. 

Chris has been the vicar at Lord’s Hill Church and is now going to be chaplain to the Bishop of Durham. Please pray for the church here as they are in transition to a new vicar. Pray for Chris and Catherine as they move on to serve God in this new way.