March 2019 – Pray for the nation

Praying for the church

Over the four weekends of February we had a wonderful time praying for all the churches in Southampton and ended up with a long list of churches, and many prayers prayed.

Some specific prayers were written down as believers from across the churches met together in joyful unity. We will be passing these prayers on to the churches concerned.

Praying for the nation

During March we are praying for the nation. There is a national day of prayer called for 29th March.

We believe we are at a crucial moment in history where the destiny of our nation can be affected. We are not praying politically but praying for God’s will to be done and the destiny that He has for us to be released into the conjecture and uncertainty.

We are also particularly praying for the people and government of Southampton at this time.

You are welcome to drop in and join us during the day on Saturdays, or sign up to join an evening, night time or early morning session

How to pray for the nation?

Here are some resources to download from 24-7 Prayer to help if you want to pray with others for the nation at this time: