Citywide Prayer April 2023

For many people in Southampton, Sunday 2 April stands out as the ABP Marathon day.

But it is also Palm Sunday.

And on that day we have a special citywide prayer meeting at Riverside Family Church at 6pm. 

In preparing for this meeting we have been pondering what Jesus did on this most famous of days. It was the biggest day of his public ministry so far. The whole of Jerusalem had his attention. And what did He do?

He came to the temple expecting it to be a house of prayer. He asserted the central purpose of the temple was for people of all nations to encounter God.

And so today he comes to us – to our personal lives, to our families, to our churches, expecting to find a ‘house of prayer’.

On Palm Sunday our citywide prayer meeting will be a bit longer than usual because in addition to the usual worship and prayer we will include some teaching and encouragement on the topic of being a house of prayer. 

Let’s rededicate ourselves and our churches as houses of prayer.

We are at Riverside Family Church, Northam Road, SO14 0QH, starting at 6.00pm.

We really hope you can be with us on Palm Sunday. Even if you can’t please join us in anticipating this time and praying for the Holy Spirit to give us fresh impetus and new encounters with God in prayer.

For more news about these meetings, visit our citywide prayer main page