Citywide Prayer November 2022

In November we were the guests of Shirley Baptist Church

There were 35-40 of us gathered, beginning with tea/coffee. Good to see friends recognised from previous prayer meetings.

Shaun Sweeney (Shirley Baptist) welcomed us with a reading from Acts 8 – the believers were scattered, Philip brought the message of Christ to a city in Samaria, there was great joy. And so we are scattered around our city, let’s bring the message of Jesus everywhere. A lovely quote from John Wesley – “Let the Lord set you on fire for revival and let everyone watch you burn.”

Richard Pitt (SoHOP) brought greetings from the 24-7 Prayer Gathering in Belfast and some key messages. SoHOP connects us with the 24-7 Prayer movement. At the Gathering were people in person or online from all over the world, including the British Isles, across Europe, Lebanon, Iran, South Africa, Australia, USA, Canada, Peru and Brazil. What have we brought back?

All main the sessions are on catch up here: (password is 1Samuel3v9)

1. Bring prayer from the edges to the centre

We came back from the Gathering with a fresh vision for the beauty of prayer. Lisa Koons, national prayer director for USA gave a wonderful talk about prayer being the primary conduit that hosts our relationship with God. Communion and communication. Simple and obvious, I know, but so beautiful. 

This was a simple call to bring prayer from the edges to the centre. Could it be true that anything we do that is not birthed in prayer is in danger of being birthed in pride?

So we are praying that in all our personal lives, our community lives and in our churches, we are always bringing prayer from the edges to the centre.

2. A daily rhythm of prayer

Wonderful talk in Session 4 from Tyler Staton on the long walk of fidelity with Jesus. We may be excited in the beginning and as we see the end approaching, but it is in the middle of a relationship that we need to be disciplined to maintain our love.

In the bible, Daniel organised his life around prayer morning, noon and night. He wouldn’t negotiate on this even when it meant the lions den.

The early church organised their lives around a daily rhythm of prayer.

Our muslim friends have set a precedent for us – everyone accepts that they go and pray at certain times. 

What about us? It’s love, not legalism.

This is an invitation for us to restore a daily pattern of prayer morning, noon and night

More resources on this: 

3. A youth revival is stirring

We heard wonderful stories of young people hungry for God from around Europe. For example, on a youth camp in Poland one of the teenagers suggested they all read the whole of the gospel of John in one sitting. Many of them did, finishing at 11pm that night!

24-7 Prayer has  a new youth director – Josh Green. This is him sharing his story at a different event in September. It will encourage and challenge us all. 

It is evident that a youth revival is stirring. Youth want truth. Activated in prayer and ignited in mission. Rip up the programme and give them God. 

We also have a new resource to help 11-16 year olds connect with God through prayer.

The Origins Course.


Please join us in praying afresh for the youth of Southampton, and especially for our youth leaders in the churches to be encouraged and equipped.

4. Locating ourselves in God’s story

More to follow on this.

Warm spaces – supernatural coordination and communication; hymn singing? prayer spaces?