Walking the sign of the cross

On Wednesday 21 July at 12.30pm we were joined by friends from Beacon House, the house of prayer in Stoke on Trent. They were visiting every city in England during the month of July to prayer walk with a cross. The route in each city went north, south, east and west from a central point, to make a sign of the cross on the land, as it were. 

The themes for prayer were

  • pray together for a fresh outpouring of God’s grace after the pandemic
  • release blessing over places and people
  • to pray for a fresh move of the Holy Spirit over our land.

What a wonderful opportunity for us to be together to pray for the city! 

We walked for about 10mins in each direction, paused to pray and then returned to the Bargate.  Having done all four directions we prayed together at the Bar Gate.

William and team were in Winchester in the morning and went on to Salisbury after. More details here: beaconhop.org/crosswalk21

cross walk 2.jpeg