Southampton Prayer Line

Aim: At this difficult time for many people in our city, Southampton House of Prayer, in conjunction with Love Southampton, is coordinating prayer support for anyone who would like us to pray.

How it works: We have created a number for Southampton Prayer Line for those who want to send us a text with their prayer requests.

For residents of Southampton: the number can be used to text us prayer requests and we guarantee that we will pray for them. This information can be included (with your permission and after editing to maintain confidentiality) in the daily prayer updates that are broadcast to the prayer group. You are of course welcome to join the group too.

For people offering to pray for others:  text “join” to 07960 430 674. After an initial message to confirm your permission, we will send out a daily prayer text with targeted points based on information received from people using the prayer line number. We intend to keep to only one message per day. 

Zoom Prayer meeting: We also have a zoom call at 9.45pm each evening to pray for the topic of the day. Find out more here.

The contact number is: 07960 430 674. This can be posted on public forums as a contact point. Text us your prayer request, or if you are wanting to join the prayer group, text “Join”.

The whole church in Southampton is praying: The intention is to have people from across the city and its environs in the group, giving a comprehensive cover of the city’s needs at this time.

Group Reply texts

This is what you can expect if you text us either to join the group, or to send in a prayer request.

PRAYERThank you for submitting a prayer request to Southampton Prayer Line. Your name or number will never be shared. Your prayer request will be prayed over. We include the anonymised information from the prayer line in our daily prayer updates. Please inform us if you do not want your request included in our daily broadcast to our group of prayers. Thank you for contacting us, you are appreciated and we will pray for you. For further information about the prayer line please see

JOIN: Thank you for expressing an interest in joining the Southampton Prayer Line. Your details will not be shared or used for any other purpose except managing the group. The group will be sent a daily update and occasional alerts should they arise. Please reply Yes to confirm your permission to add you to the group. For further information please see: