Thankfulness (September, October)

We are back!

The prayer room is open again after our break for August.

During August we went on prayer walks around the Flowers Estate and also at places in Weston and Sholing. It was exciting to get out and pray with people from those places and get a feel for what God is doing in those areas. We are continuing to pray as God leads.

We have some prayer feet on the pavement outside the prayer room now. Already people have seen them and followed them in to come and ask for prayer.

The theme now is Thankfulness

We have a study of thankfulness here.

In our community we studied Luke 17:11-19. The healing of the lepers – only one went back to Jesus to say thank you. These are points that came out in our reflections together.

  • We need to say thank you for what God has done – and he’s done a lot!!
  • The practice of thanks is important to Jesus. It’s a spiritual principle – thanks advances the Kingdom. It lifts us. It builds faith, as we take note of what he has done. It is easy to focus on 1 or 2 negative issues in our lives, but there are so many other things that so outweigh the negative things. It is like in Exodus – the people had such short memories of the wonderful ways God had saved them and been with them. They’d had so many blessings!
  • The way the leper came back was loud/demonstrative, throwing himself at Jesus feet. Obvious. Lets’ be definite in our thanks.
  • He came back. Coming to the prayer room is us coming back to Jesus and pressing in.
  • He thanked for something specific. Let’s be asking and thanking and praising for specific things.